About Us

Laura and Vanessa of LOVA by VL

LOVA is a fully realized embodiment of the modern woman. As a perfectly balanced brand of luxury earrings, our jewelry enhances a woman’s internal energies to their optimal potential. LOVA unleashes the elegant aura of feminine timelessness and elegance from Paris to New York City. Our brand offers a selection of statement earrings individually designed to dress up any outfit for any occasion, from casual café dates to formal work events to ornate evening galas.


Team Lova by VL 

Laura Sebag & Vanessa Landau  

Laura of LOVA by VL


Laura is a Parisian native who applied the intellectual and classical nature of her French upbringing into her successful career as an orthodontist. While not working directly in the French jewelry industry, she constantly turned heads for her impeccable bohemian style and her keen eye for fashion aesthetics and style. On her days off, she spent most of her time in Paris at jewelry auctions and vintage antique stores where she developed a taste for art and self-expression. Her ability to interpret styles from simple to extravagant enabled her to go beyond styling all of her close friends and start her own NYC-based brand with Vanessa. Despite having different personal brands of style and fashion, they always end up in the same place with LOVA: confident.


Venessa of LOVA by VLVanessa has been a New Yorker for fifteen years, but she is a true Parisian at heart. Working as the Senior Marketing Director for Dior Skincare in the famous LVMH tower on 57th street in NYC, she combined her career in cosmetics with her longtime love of beauty, fashion, and shopping into her social life. Bouncing from business meetings to cocktail dinners, Vanessa always found herself looking for unique statement pieces that she could wear to any event without finding someone else wearing the same thing. In between hosting dinners at home and caring for her children, she decided to partner with longtime friend, Laura, to start the accessory brand she was always looking for.

Together, Laura and Vanessa have different personal brands of style and a longtime friendship. Interpreting Vanessa’s high-low style with Laura’s bohemian chic aesthetic, LOVA finds common ground in bold confidence and widely applicable statement pieces. When they arrived at their brand, they both had a singular mission for LOVA: to help all women reinvent, illuminate, and captivate the individual beauty they have held within themselves all along. Combining both of their fashion and beauty expertise, they built a brand to style women and help them look and feel their best from the inside out.